August 24, 2016

Many SMEs find the process of implementing a digital marketing plan a challenging process.  The technology, trends, platforms, algorithms, processes are ever changing.  Keeping informed and ahead of your competitors, while maintaining your own business can be quite daunting.

The reality of our digital age is that consumers now conduct their research online before communicating directly with businesses.  If you are not engaged with both potential and existing clients through online platforms you are missing out on a most important touch-point.  To be effective, online communication channels need to be seamlessly integrated with the rest of your marketing and communications strategy.

By going online, SMEs can overcome the challenge of tight budgets and limited resources. It is an excellent tool to drive engagement and generate new leads. More importantly, digital marketing allows businesses to target and track results of their marketing spend, and that includes returns-on-investment (ROI), more accurately than traditional forms of marketing.

The success of a digital marketing campaign relies heavily on the quality of shared content; repetition, regularity and of course the level of consumer engagement. To truly understand ROI, digital campaigns must be both monitored and measured. So what are the best tools to use for your business?  You would ideally want to minimize your time, while producing the optimum results at an affordable price.  

Mukesh Pandey of Leads Dubai shares his expertise in an exclusive CREATIVE ZONE client workshop.    


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