United Arab Emirates, Dubai, February 16th 2014 - The Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai issued 59,130 commercial permits over the course of 2014, a 13% increase from 2013 says the annual report on business activity in the emirate of Dubai. The number and categories of permits issued demonstrate the increasing case of licensing procedures at DED as well as a rise in key activities such as retailing and promotions. 

Permits issued for banner advertisements made up 57% of the total permits issued in 2014, a 3% growth over the 33,341 commercial permits issued in 2013. The banners included brand name advertising, print and electronic media advertisements, billboards and trademark related announcements. 

The report also indicated a significant rise in advertisement spending during 2014. This confirms that there is rising confidence among investors and traders in Dubai as well as growth in overall competitiveness in the emirate. This is largely due to DED’s efforts to facilitate commercial activities and economic development.

DED offers a package of permits to enable company owners and shop owners to promote their products competitively whilst maintaining transparency and credibility. The issued permits are aligned with the prevailing commercial laws and regulations on conducting business and are aimed to enhance the performance of the retail sector and sustained economic growth. 

The annual report that refers to permits issued for warehouses in Dubai showed an increase of 200% between 2013 and 2014 from 1,108 to 3,030. Permits issued for extended operational hours also saw growth from 2,351 in 2013 to 2,513 in 2014. Permits for additional counters also increased from 865 in 2013 to 988 in 2014. 

The exhibition industry is considered to be a vital part of Dubai’s reputation as a meetings, conventions and exhibitions destination. The industry saw strong growth in 2014 as 198 trade fair permits were issued compared to 163 in 2013. The variety of exhibitions permitted in 2014 confirms Dubai’s position as a gateway and showcases the strengths and diversity of the local private sector. 

The report also showed that 2,191 retail sector permits were received during the summer of 2014 with most of them accounting for promotions and discounts: 808 for single brand campaigns, 474 for multiple brand campaigns, 375 for shops dealing with multiple trademarks, 119 for promotional booths, 111 for gold shops and jewellery and 111 for leaflets.


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