Got  a new business? You definitely will be looking to hire marketing services at some point of time. When you do, it is important to be clear on your marketing objective. Depending on your business, your marketing methods will be different. There is no one-size fit all marketing method available.

Here is the gap. Many times businesses do not know what marketing method will work for their business. A bit of research will work. But since businesses are busy, we can understand the time constraint and the willingness to research. As a result most businesses go by their instinct on what marketing options suits best for them. Some of the marketing options available today are:

  1.  SMS & Email Marketing
  2.  Google Search Ads
  3.  Social Media & Banner Ads
  4.  Newspaper, radio, outdoor

As a small business, it is important that you’re brand present at the right places in a cost effective manner. UAE is a place where the cost of advertising online is the highest in the world.

Fortunately, , there are some easy do it yourself options what can help your company get noticed.

  1.  Start with Search engines.
  2.  Make sure you have a mobile optimized website
  3.  Blog – write fresh content often
  4.  Ask your existing customers to mention your website link on theirs

Most people rely on search engines to discover what they need. Search Engines Marketing becomes critical if you want your brand get in front of the prospective customers. They are probably looking for you. If you are not showing up, you are missing out.

As a startup or Small/Medium Business owner, you may not have all the resources necessary to do the marketing. Hiring full time employee also comes with high upfront costs. If you can, having in house expert is the best thing. Else, your best bet is to hire a professional company who can do the job better and save you time. Hire an A Player. Not a B.

“Hiring a marketing company is a challenge. It is like searching for needle in haystack. So thread carefully.”

Below are 3 tips you must know before hiring Digital Marketing Company:

  1. Search online and see the marketing company presence on search engines. How good their site is. How easy it is not navigate and find what you’re looking for. See who are their clients and testimonials. Fill up the form and see how soon they respond to your queries. Then narrow down 2 – 3 of the best ones for meeting after initial calls.
  2. Before meeting, decide what you need & want to get accomplished. Be clear  & convey that message. Many marketing companies come from different background and speak different languages. They may interpret differently or not understand your business well.
  3. Avoid long-term contracts initially. Try their services for 3 months to see if your getting results. This is a good enough time to measure the ROI.

Stay away from Marketing Companies who:

  1.  Give you a guarantee of performance - if they say yes it’s a trap.
  2.  Say yes to everything you ask them.
  3.  Do not answer all questions, not to the point & delay in reply back. They probably too busy and may not do the job for you.
  4.  Meet multiple companies and ask same questions to all. Keep it secret and compare answers. You should be able to filter in the good ones based  on responses.
  5.  Do a referral check on their past clients.

Marketing is a gamble; it is rare that you will be completely happy with one marketing company. By doing the above you’re reducing your risks by taking informed decision. 

Digital Marketing Tips supplied by CREATIVE ZONE client Mukesh Pandey of Leads Dubai - A Digital Marketing Company based in Dubai.