NeuroScience, Happiness and High performance workshop

September 15, 2016

This 2-hour introductory tour de force, is essential for companies wishing to innovate and raise team productivity.

Did you know that when your brain is happy, you are 31% more productive, 3x as creative, have 180% more energy and are far more resilient? It is not such a mystery why the world’s most successful companies including Facebook, Google, Pixar, Dropbox and many more - view happiness and the development of the personal mindset, as the most important x-factors for innovation, creativity and performance in the 21st century.

On September 20th, Innovation Lab – Scandinavia’s oldest innovation think tank, will kickstart a series of workshops that culminates in a diploma course that you can partake in 2016 and 2017. Innovation Lab will share their experience in this field, including their work with International clients - and collaboration with Stanford University.